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Patrick LanePatrick Lane is a headmaster of a well-known online pharmacy Trusted Tablets. This company was established in 2000. Patrick has been working as a chef pharmacist in a conventional drugstore long ago but he decided to change his life and established an online pharmacy. Trusted Tablets is his pet project. He is passionate about providing high-quality medications to people living all over the world. Patrick is 60 years old. He was not young when his business has come to life but he has coped with all the problems and troubles for the sake of health improvement. After the medical college, he had defended a doctoral dissertation on the topic “Generic Medications – Affordability to All People”. Patrick is married. He is married for 20 years already and has a daughter and a son. His hobby is to travel it doesn’t matter to where.


Chelsea FoxChelsea Fox is a pharmacist of Trusted Tablets. She is eager to gain as much experience as possible. She is 25 years old. She has graduated from college a year ago. Chelsea strives to help all people find the right medication to cope with the health problems. She specializes in various medical conditions without an exception. She is very talented and initiative. Her hobby is knitting and takes part in charity sports competitions. She is fond of running. Trusted Tablets staff is glad and happy to cooperate with such a many-sided woman.

Joseph BarryJoseph Barry is the main pharmacist. He is working at Trusted Tablets for 10 years. He is the alumnus of the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Joseph’s main duties are to replenish the stock, to find new drug manufacturers, to clarify the disputes between customers and staff if such happens, cooperate with customers. Joseph is a responsible, attentive, polite, skilled person able to manage his duties in the shortest period of time. He works 5 days a week that’s why if you have any questions you are welcome to ask Joseph Barry. His hobby is to spend time with his young daughter.

Maya LeonardMaya Leonard is a newcomer employee of Trusted Tablets. She works for a year but poses herself as a responsible pharmacist. She is a young mother of a little son, Jake. Maya is eager to make the world better. Online pharmacy is the first step in her list of affairs. She believes it is one of the most important things because affordable medications is a key to providing a high-quality treatment of various diseases. Maya Leonard has graduated from California University of Science and Medicine. Additionally to Trusted Tablets, she writes a dissertation. Her dream is to become a specialist in controlling substances before they enter the pharmaceutical market. Her hobby is spending time with her little son.